Wanting to write and publish your very own True Tales slice of History can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task!  Never fear, the True Tales experts at JOP can help you along the way.  They will make the journey enjoyable for you, hold your hand throughout the entire process and keep all information nice and simple and easy to understand.


Simple Steps to Publishing your regions True Tales book.



Have an idea for a True Tales book?  Not sure where to begin?  


Follow our 11 steps and find out just how easy the process to publish your own True Tales book really is.



JOP will provide you with the information you need to get started (and any tips and tricks to make life easier).  They will also be there along the way to help with the process from start to finish.



Contact the awesome team at JOP.  


Their highly skilled designers and print specialists will make publishing your True Tales book a fun and stress free process.


Decide on how many copies you are thinking of printing and JOP can provide you with a quote (Their quote can go up to 4 different quantities in the quote to show you different ideas of prices).  And don't worry it is very straight forward to run a reprint if you sellout and want more.




You then go and collect the stories to fill your book (Try and get 100 stories and approx. 1500 words each).



Send all the edited stories in Word a document and the photos as high resolution scanned copies (JOP can give you help with this if needed).


Find as many images and photographs that help to tell the tale.



Think of what theme you would like for your cover, which if you like, JOP can then design and create for you.




A hardcopy proof is provided to you showing what your book will look like (giving you a chance for more proof reading and spelling/design checks).




Usually within a week your books are ready to collect or they can be couriered to you *Please note that this timeframe is dependent on the quantity of books ordered, amount of black and white vs colour pages and total number of pages to print.  Confirmation of an accurate ETA will happen once the final proof is signed off.


Once you are happy, you let the team know to 'GO TO PRINT'.