True Tales Of Whangarei Heads


This book has been compiled in 2016. I think my family and friends will say I have devoted the whole year to the project, and I t must have been a fascinating project or it would not be finished! Other people have found it fascinating too, to start with my partner, Gordon, and my designer, Megan (who probably didn’t know what she was getting herself into!). I had to get a new computer with Windows 10, so other extremely important people include my computer and photo advisors, Tony and Logan. Also, there were Gaynor and my neighbours who were my proof readers. Thanks to all you people.


The ‘Tales’ are from all parts of Whangarei Heads community, and they are so varied! Everyone must find something that will amuse or educate them about things that have happened locally. Whangarei Heads has an interesting history, and your stories bring it to life. Some topics you will have heard a little about before, some will be completely new. Not many of us remember NOT being able to walk to Smugglers Bay because it was blocked off by the Defence Department during WW2. And did you know we had Moa and Ostriches in the area? Some of our local people have done and are still doing amazing things, and other tales just open us to an earlier time, when children enjoyed different things and life was simpler. This is Social History at its best. There are still ‘Tales’ to be told in the district, and often a second book is produced, a couple of years after the first one. Who would like to help?


Tales are randomly spread through the book. Often there will be two connecting stories together. Many tales span several areas, and while some are very specific, others are about issues we can all relate to.


The ‘father’ of the ‘True Tales’ books, Don Armitage, has been a great supporter and mentor, a wonderful source of tales, and also a search engine himself. Thanks Don! At times I thought being ‘given’ this book to do was being given a “Poisoned Chalice”. Now of course I think what a great opportunity it was, and it has become a interesting journey for me.


The Jagger family have been on my visiting list more than anyone else and were such a help to me – their knowledge and their connections are almost district wide.


I hope you enjoy the book.

Jan Boyes
November 2016

Whangarei Heads Citizens Association Inc

Jos Polman - Chair


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