True Tales of Waikino & Waitekarui


The Waikino/Waitekauri area has always seemed to be a unique place. A place of fun, joy, heartache and tragedy. A place where people may have their differences but when needed they have come together and got things done, such as getting a new post office after the 1983 flood. The memories of this area have always meant so much to so many, and ex-residents and school pupils seems to get a great delight in returning and remember their time spent here. So we would like to acknowledge and thank the following:


To all the contributors who have provided us with their stories – without you this book could not have been complied.


To The Treasury committee whose idea it was to collect these True Tales, for their help, and for the work they have done for this publication, especially Geraldine Dunwoodie.


Our committee has enjoyed the tasks required to bring this collections to fruition and are very grateful for the help given by others with promotional needs and support. 


To Anne Stewart Ball for her introductory page setting the scene, and to David Wilton for the map. 

To Helen Wilson for coming to the rescue with some last minute photos.

To Tony and Diane Dawson of the Waikino Café for their continuing support in helping us keep alive the history of Waikino/Waitekauri by guiding to our door people with stories to tell of the area. 

To Sue Wright and Julie Smith, and the Coromandel Town History Research Group Inc, (who were the instigators of the True Tales format) for their helpful advice, and to this Group for assistance with printing the book.

To Bronnie Bennett – thank you for typing up all the stories, and to Sandy Lautenbach for enabling the typing to happen.


Homer and Bev Stubbs
Compilers/Coordinators for TCHT
Editorial Assistance/Publishing by Geraldine Dunwoodie


Committee Members

Other committee members who have been instrumental in either or both running the society and getting this publication to print are:

M Dodds (Secretary)
Julie Smith (Treasurer) 
J Berney 
G Dunwoodie 
M Heberley
P Kruithof
C Newby
J Robinson
P Stammers
A Stewart Ball
D Wilton


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