True Tales Of Thames Hospital



The first ‘True Tales’ (of Northern Coromandel) was compiled in 2000 by The Coromandel Town History Research Group Inc., as a fundraiser to enable the publication of the book, In Search of the Rainbow, in 2002 which commemorated the 150th anniversary of the discovery of gold in Coromandel Town.

The concept of True Tales was to capture true stories of people, places and events from a specific area written by those people who experienced them.  The first book was so popular with the writers and those interested in the local history, it was followed by a second book, More True Tales of Northern Coromandel, two years later and Even More True Tales of Northern Coromandel, in 2006.

In 2016 the group handed over the mantle to The Coromandel Heritage Trust (TCHT) who has continued to publish versions of True Tales from other areas around the Coromandel Peninsula and the Hauraki Plains.

It was The Coromandel Town History Research Group’s hope that the True Tales titles would spread throughout New Zealand as the books are a marvelous way to collect stories about people and places, which are not in the history books or newspapers and which might otherwise be lost, and to see photos in private possession, which might otherwise remain unseen.

Sue Wright

Chairperson, The Coromandel Heritage Trust