True Tales Of Thames




Thames had a very interesting early history and played an important part in the development of New Zealand.  So many families moved through Thames in the goldmining days, and many still have links here.  We would like to acknowledge and thank the following:

To all the contributors who have provides us with their stories – without you this book could not have happened.

To The Treasury Committee who decided it was time for a Thames True Tales, for their help, and for the work they have done for this publication.

To Anne Stewart Ball for her introductory page setting the scene, and to David Wilton for the map and photos.

To David Wilton for fitting proofreading into a busy schedule while organising a conference.

To Sue Wright, Julie Smith, and the Coromandel Town History Research Group Inc, (who were the instigators of the True Tales format) for their helpful advice, and to the Coromandel Town History Research Group Inc for assistance with printing the book.

Thank you all

Geraldine Dunwoodie



Gary Meek (Treasurer)
S Wright, M Morrison, R Poulgrain, R Revell, T Spence

M Dodds (Secretary)
G Dunwoodie, C Newby, J Robinson, M Heberley, P Kruithof, N Thorburn, D Wilton, M Cunningham, A Stewart Ball