True Tales Of Te Kopuru



Thanks to all who contributed stories and photos for this book, and, for putting your trust in me to make this a reality.

There are lots more Te Kopuru stories out there.  I urge you to write some – no more than 1500 words, then gather more from your family, friends and the community and every year or so there will be another volume of True Tales of Te Kopuru (TTofTK), and, the history of this intriguing place will be saved for ever.

There’s a lot of help on their web-page if you want to know more I needed a lot of help and could not have completed this task without the help of a computer exponent, Pamela Barton, who for hours suffered my “blondness” and eventually brought all of this together.

I sincerely hope you enjoy browsing through the various short stories, and that they bring back special memories, or you learn something new as you go through the book.  It has been a wonderful journey for me and once again I say a huge thank you to all.

Christine Rope