As people, we understand ourselves by the stories we know and share about ourselves and the places we live. So too, with communities - we know who we are, where and how we belong, by our stories. Sharing these stories honours our elders as well as ourselves. They can strengthen our relationships, help people feel recognized, and create empathy. They also help connect us to the past, live in the present and co-create our future.


True Tales of Onerahi is a few of the many stories about our community, our connections to each other and to Onerahi / Onerahirahi. These stories span diverse themes, and include significant events as well as the domestic and everyday. We hope that this collection inspires more story sharing in Onerahi through various mediums, for example: oral storytelling during our community Matariki events, heritage-related signage and installations in our public spaces, oral history recordings, and written collections.


It is wonderful to see a growing number of books in the True Tales series. The simple format of about 100 stories, each up to 1500 words and accompanied by a few photos if possible, is ideal for a community to gather their diverse stories. The generous supply of stories collected for this volume means Onerahi has a head start for a second volume of True Tales. However we need more stories and photographs related to Onerahi – so look through your old family albums and scrapbooks, and think about the stories you might have to share. You are welcome to email us at if you wish to contribute to the next volume of True Tales of Onerahi!


It has been a privilege for us to bring you this first True Tales of Onerahi book. In the process we have met wonderful people, learned about their lives, formed new friendships and deepened our understanding of, and connection to this place. We hope you enjoy these stories and learn more about our community.


Agnes Hermans
True Tales of Onerahi Co-ordinating Group
Onerahi Resource Centre Trust

Onerahi Resource Centre Trust

Onerahi Resource Centre (ORC) is a registered Charitable Trust.
ORC undertakes projects and initiatives that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of our community.

As much as possible we do this by taking a collaborative approach with a range of other groups and organisations.
Current board members are:
Mariameno Kapa-Kingi,
Agnes Hermans,
Melanie Closs,
David Harris and Paul Doherty.


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