True Tales Of Hikurangi - Hukerenui



This book was first mooted in January 2016, and it has taken until now, March 2017, to bring it to fruition. It has been a challenge and a pleasure to gather all of these tales together to form this book. The challenge was to produce a document such that when grandchildren and great grandchildren asked the question, “What was it like in your day, Gran or Gramps” we could say “Come and read this book we wrote, come sit alongside me. My friends and I wrote it so you could find out.”

Ours is a social history. It contains the stories of ordinary people, who did extraordinary things in what were sometimes extremely difficult conditions.

And how the district responded to our challenge. Our generation can remember family stories told and retold over the dinner table, from our parents and grandparents day. This takes our social history back, in some cases more than 100 years, some times more.

The stories have been accepted “as told” and we have taken them in good faith as to content and historical accuracy.

Hikurangi, Puhipuhi, Whakapara, Hukerenui and the surrounding districts were vital cogs in the development of Northland, and New Zealand.

 Some of the stories make us appreciate just how widely travelled and experienced these early settlers were. They had come long distances, from the other side of the world. They had experienced living and working in a variety of jobs, in many different places, and they had travelled widely within New Zealand before settling where they did. They brought fresh and innovative ideas. They were youthful, adventurous and prepared to take chances. All were seeking a better life for themselves, their families and their children.

We are indebted to our writers, without them many aspects of our social history would be lost. 

Read on, and we hope you enjoy your journey into the past

Bill Black

Hikurangi Historical Museum Society Inc. Committee Members:
Albert Hardie
Bessie Faithfull
Linda Vanstone
Robert Roest
Robyn Taylor
Ani Hemara
Val Doel
Irene Frost
Bill Black

Thanks for access to their treasure trove of historical material much of which has been used in producing this book

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