True Tales Of Central Whangarei




This ‘True Tales’ format is a tremendously good model for any small community to throw a net far and wide to capture its own history and bring it to life once again rather than have it lie forgotten and eventually go completely out of existence. In fact, why not start now to contribute stories for the  second edition. A local organisation and/or individual need only put their hand up to do it. You know the format by now … about a hundred true stories relating to the place the book is about, each up to, and no longer than, 1500 words; include a few images to go with it, and you can provide more than one story. 

To all those who have contributed stories and/or images, it is much appreciated. Without your help, the book would not have been possible.

Public awareness of the books is growing fast. At this time, about forty ‘True Tales of…’ books, focussing on small communities, have either been launched (over twenty by the end of 2018) with as many again under way. There is a website set up dedicated to encouraging them to spread to such communities throughout New Zealand - 

There is an endless number of stories out there, and it is perfectly possible to repeat the process every three to five years for the rest of time to continue capturing the rich variety of stories from the past, so keep writing. No one group or individual has a monopoly on our history;  it is for everyone to enquire into, research, recall ... and pass on.

 As long as similar short story compilations are produced every few years for the rest of time, the accumulation of stories will not only increase in number, but become an increasingly important social history of the community, are a great Christmas gift about your place, a coffee table book and reference. As the years pass, the stories contained within such books will only become more compelling reading. 


Don Armitage - March 2019