True Tales Of The Chatham Islands


Short illustrated stories from many persons resident or associated with the Chatham Islands is a very productive, relevant and accurate method of recording a small community of people going about their daily lives.


As long as similar true short story compilations are produced every few years for the rest of time, the accumulation of stories will not only increase in number, but become an increasingly important social history of the community/.


So keep sending in those stories and images for the next book, and once the number of stories gets up around the 75+ mark, it will be time to announce a closeoff date for the second publication with its 100 or more true short stories.


So get writing — you know the format by now — a true story relating to these islands, up to 1500 words long, include a few images to go with it, and you can provide more than one story. Other communities have experienced the advantages of having successive ‘True Tales of…’ books published, and they have been in each case best sellers. It is a well proven format that has stood the test of time.


I urge you to take full advantage of it. There are at the current time eleven other ‘True Tales’ books, using the same format, under way as I write this. For instance, Great Barrier Island is collecting stories for its third such book.


Thank you to all those who contributed stories and photos. You made it all possible. It has been an honour and privilege to have compiled this first ‘True Tales of the Chatham Islands’ book for the Chatham Heritage and Restoration Trust, and it is my fervent hope that the community will keep up the flow of stories and books into the future.

Don Armitage. October, 2015.

Chatham Heritage and Restoration Trust Inc.

The Chatham Heritage and Restoration Trust (CHART) aims to assist the Chatham Islands community protect and restore the natural and historic heritage of the Chatham Islands by undertaking conservation and restoration projects on both private and public lands.


The current trustees of CHART are:

Lois Croon,
Abby Biltcliff,
Marnie Dix,
Tom Lanauze
Vaughan Hill.


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