True Tales Of Kamo


This publication records true short stories and images from the past and recent past of people who live in Kamo or who are associated with Kamo. It is a very relevant way of recording the large and small events of people’s daily lives and should serve to give a broad picture of the community. Of course a social history is not formed from just one set of short stories. Similar true short story compilations need to be produced from time to time for the rest of time so that they become an increasingly important social history of the community.


I urge you then to keep producing stories and images for the next book of true stories of Kamo, or to talk to people who have not so far had the chance to contribute. There is a wealth of untapped material waiting. So start writing. The format is easy – a true story relating to Kamo, up to 1500 words long. Include a few images to go with it. You can provide more than one story. Once the number of stories gets into the 70s then a close-off date can be arranged for publishing the next book of more true tales of Kamo. A number of ‘True Tales of ...’ have now been published and there are currently at least 11 other ‘True Tales of ...’ in progress, using the same format.


Thank you to all those who have contributed stories and photos. It has been an honour to hear and read your stories and to learn about the rich and close-knit community of Kamo with its wealth and variety of activities and occupations and enterprises. It has been a privilege to compile this first ‘True Tales of Kamo’ book for Kamo Community Inc. I have loved doing it. I am looking forward to a flow of future such books.


Jane Painter
November 2015

The Kamo Community Incorporated aims to foster and grow the Kamo community.

The current members of the committee are:

Brett Hogan,
Derryn Williamson,
Rebecca Reynolds,
Paulette Crowther,
Lesley Eley,
Kelly Jelavich,
Lindsay Caley,
Andrew Chuter,
Tim Harrison,
Colin Twyman.


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