More True Tales
Of Great Barrier Island


Four years have passed since the Great Barrier Island History Research Group Inc., was first formed on 31 May, 2010. The society then launched ‘True Tales of Great Barrier Island’ in October, 2011, which, as expected, was a complete success. 


Now that the public have had a better idea what to expect and are more familiar with the general format of these short story compilations, this book has got even more contributors. And it should put to bed once and for all any ideas that almost all the short stories were captured in the first book. There are an unlimited number of stories out there, and so it is perfectly possible to repeat the process every three to four years for the rest of time.


This ‘True Tales’ format is a tremendously good model for any small community to throw a net far and wide to capture it’s own history and bring it to life once again rather than have it lie forgotten and eventually go completely out of existence. In fact, why not start now to contribute stories for future editions. You know the format by now … a true story relating to this island, up to 1500 words long, include a few images to go with it, and you can provide more than one story.


Once again, Brian Culy has woven his magic to produce an outstanding cover. Thank you Brian. Thank you also to all those who contributed stories and images, therefore making the book possible.


We hope you enjoy reading about the island’s rich past. One small problem, after the next book, ‘Even More True Tales of Great Barrier Island’, what do we call it? Any suggestions?


Don Armitage,
Co-ordinator and editor,
June, 2014.

Committee Members

Other committee members who have been instrumental in either or both running the society and getting this publication to print are:

June Brookes (Secretary)
Lynda Oxborough (Treasurer)
Alan Gray
Sue Gray
Tony Christiansen


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