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Welcome to True Tales

Where History comes to life with images and short stories written by you and me.


Wanting more than just another history book written by some professors in a closed up office, some like-minded individuals in the Coromandel came up with the fantastic format that is True Tales.


Short stories and images sourced and written by you and me.  Real accounts of interesting information and history surrounding towns and communities in NZ.


So far we have covered Coromandel, Great Barrier, The Chatham’s, Kamo, Whangarei, The Coromandel's Eastern Seaboard and Waikino/Waitekauri.  Who knows where we will go to next but there is no limit to how many of these books can be created, there is an endless amount of stories out there.  Nothing shows this better than Coromandel, there has been now four books published there and more on the go!


By teaming up with Jeff Oliver Print (JOP) we have made the entire process so much easier and simpler.  JOP can help you from start to finish to tell your own True Tale.  They have amazing graphic designers in house who can help you lay out your book, a great team of proof readers who can check for any pesky spelling errors AND they have all the latest printing gear to ensure an absolutely amazing finished product all in house!